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 A globally-respected firm that delivers insightful change that brings strong and sustainable stakeholder value.

As Featured on the Podcast - Your Life! Your Terms!

Throughout my career I have led the business transformation and value improvement for more than twenty public and privately held small-cap companies in the Manufacturing, Hi-tech, Automotive, Consumer Product Goods and Healthcare Service industries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and Egypt. In addition, I’ve led several startups and groomed many companies for sale.

The typical turnaround "chainsaw approach" rarely works in the long term, while my "scalpel" approach in conjunction with ongoing education and experience does.  As a senior management executive, I’m accomplished in leading financially distressed businesses in crisis mode and maximizing stakeholder value through business development initiatives and the conceptualization and implementation of unique strategies for operational and fiscal excellence.   I have several experiences of taking distressed business that were approaching insolvency to over 125 million plus at exit sale.

I have been granted an 0-1 Visa three times for the U.S. for outstanding talent and business achievement.

I enjoy increasing company value to the benefit of all stakeholders by showcasing the power, strength and vitality of an organization.


My services range from Corporate Recovery (Turnarounds, Groom for Sale, Sale/Divestures), to Coporate Governance, Identifying and Executing Growth Strategies, and Business Coaching.

In the board room, a court house, or the shop floor - I have the ability to connect with anyone.  With these relationships I can identify root cause issues that the boots on the ground are aware of, but management is not.  And with this information we can reset, and build upon a solid foundation that enables all stakeholders to be inspired and strive for excellence in themselves, and the business.

My experienes in Manufacturing, Chemical, Automotive, and Health Care in complex global configurations across highly diverse cultures and backgrounds allows me to understand the social, fiscal, and reporting challenges that many companies have, but few choose to face.


I will bring clarity, precision, and decisive action that results in sustainable profits and growth. 



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In this business integrity is above all else.

After our initial discussion it will be clear to all parties if my services will bring great value.

I will not waste your time or mine on anything other than delivering excellence.

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