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Unstoppable, strategist and tactician, plans and executes aggressive approaches to resurrecting businesses, collaborating with multiple internal and external stakeholders to return the entities into viability, strengthens cash flow, sustainable growth and sharpens the competitive edge. Hands-on, engaging leader, navigates through complexity, removes skepticism and negativity. Avid listener, clear and precise communicator, understands cultural diversity, serves as a confident and effective corporate ambassador and negotiator with internal and external stakeholders, delivering tough messages while inspiring employee teams and stakeholders .





Charted Professional Accountants of Ontario

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England Wales, UK, 1985 practice as CPA, CA Only

Nottingham Regional College of Technology, Nottingham, UK


ISAAC Group of Companie

Currently CEO Chief 

Dawson City Yukon, Canada || 2019-2021

Canadian Treasury Management Inc.


Oakville, ON || 1987 – Present



Cambridge ON & Los Angeles, CA || 2018-2019

Direct Reports: 15 || Indirect Reports: 400 || $20M CapEx || $170M OpEx || $200M P&L



Orlando, FL & Dubai, UAE || 2015- present

Direct Reports: 10 || Indirect Reports: 320 || $5M CapEx || $13M OpEx || $20M P&L



US, China, Singapore, Scotland, Mexico & Brazil || 2012-2015

Direct Reports: 25 || Indirect Reports: 1000 || $30M CapEx || $150M OpEx || $130M P&L



Toronto, ON & Dixon, TN, Guangzhou, China || 2007-2010

Direct Reports: 5 || Indirect Reports: 250 || $5M CapEx || $130M OpEx || $140M P&L



Toronto, ON. & Kiev, Ukraine || 2004-2006

Direct Reports: 7 || Indirect Reports: 150 || $3M CapEx || $36M OpEx || $60M P&L



Toronto, ON, Edmonton, AB & Atlanta, GA, Europe, South Africa || 2003-2004

Direct Reports: 5-15 || Indirect Reports: 1200 || $10M CapEx || $320M OpEx || $350M P&L

Funimation Productions “Dragon Ball Z”

ADVISOR – Funimation and Law Firm for M&A, Restructuring

Toronto, ON, Houston, USA || 2002-2003



Toronto, ON & Miami, FL || 1998-1999

Direct Reports: 10|| Indirect Reports: 1100 || $10M CapEx || $100M OpEx || $100M P&L

Managing multiple partnerships, companies in construction, fuel supply, automotive repair/recovery, transportation, security, property development, rental, and remote workforce camps.

  • Restructuring business that has seen 5 CEO’S IN 18 months. And revitalizing governance and strategic change planning

  • Restore First nations lost trust and garner better First Nations Benefits and business, cultural engagement

  • Resolve $90.0 million contract dispute.

  • Get new mining, fuel supply, construction agreements in concert with revitalized First Nations trust and engagement.

  • Negotiate with multiple layers of government, Federal, Territorial, First Nations

  • Teach train, mentor semi skilled staff for upskilling and business expansion

  • Several Board Appointments and governance restoration

Engaged by diverse public and private entities across the world requiring a swift and proactive approach to reviving business operations, raising financing, refreshing the brand, and returning the entities into a competitive and profitable stance. Various real estate valuation and work out details upon request.


Client embarking on a confidential sales process after massive  manufacturing product failures in Canada, recently acquired U.S. and Mexican assets and $50M of automotive product unable to deliver to market.

  • Conducted SWOT on the U.S. and Mexican operations, resolved prototype failures, produced $135M salable product in 6 months and resolved regulatory compliance.

  • Created a dynamic lean build process to Tier 1 automotive standards, scaled 1 vehicle per month to 125, recommissioned the 1M sq. ft. Canadian plant to produce Class 3 Roadtrek motorhomes boosting product from 5 to 20 per day to catapult revenue from $600K to $3M per day in 8 weeks on a 24/7  schedule.

  • Delivered a $135M saleable product in the U.S., boosted Canadian U.S. deliveries from $12M to $60M per month, eliminated a 50 unit $7M plant backlog in 2 weeks, wound up as part of $2B sale of German parent EHG.

Engaged to prepare the health care client for sale and divest a psychiatric care facility with limited financial and management control and high leadership attrition.

  • Initiated a deep-dive business valuation touching all facets of the operation, uncovered an undisclosed $80M IRS liability through Chapter 11 with an immediate shut down of 40% overall business due to patient irregularities and an emerging $100M Medicare fraud.

  • Steered the business into Chapter 11 to resolve operating liabilities, tax issues, unravelled billing issues, retrieved missing assets, restored ethical, clinical, and empathetic care to court mandate.

  • Obtained State of Florida, Attorney General support to exit Chapter 11 after resolving all Medicare claims for $1.25M and satisfied all tax and patient liabilities and achieve a successful wind-up.

Tasked to reboot the chemical company with plants in 3 continents experiencing lack of profit and deteriorating market share over 5-years

accumulating $25M losses and $80 - $100M lender defaults.

  • Performed SWOT, created ambitious business development and global rescue plan to combat immediate negative environment and financial events and restored profit and market share for the unionized U.S. parent.

  • Reset the international organization, cost, and resource structure to catapult gross margins by 350%, returned each plant to profit and delivered a new consumer-driven suite of products.

  • Elevated market global share with Tier 1 automotive, 3C, and printing, generated a $15M EBITDA, enhanced margins 350% [ 8% to 27%], delivered a one-time & annualized $75M cash savings to be debt free in 12 months.

  • Negotiated significant benefit reductions with the Steelworkers Union to save $2M per year, solved a $40M non-disclosure European plant closure due to safety hazards and eliminated EH&S issues in Europe, U.S., and China.

  • Transitioned the entity to customer-centric from product-centric, boosted customer satisfaction, won a $30M automobile contract and improved shareholder equity by $120M from negative $20M, saved 700 jobs.

Hired by a family-owned entity experiencing a dysfunctional family dispute between U.S. and Canadian operations and a failed Chinese offshore strategy, limited retail sales and a struggle to deliver a profitable product complicated by product liability issues.

  • Led business development to capture Lowes, Costco and renew Walmart with functioning products to convert a gross loss to a 25%margin

  • Cut time to market by 40%, crafted a digital sales strategy, reduced 3 Chinese suppliers to 1, resolved a 60,000 unit delivery failure with Home Depot, solved non-compliant issues at both the Canadian and U.S. facilities, closing 3 non-performing plants.

  • Settled 2 massive Consumer Products Safety Commission complaints covering several hundred thousand units, converting a recall into notice to repair, resulting in multi-million savings.

  • Sourced and secured a buyer for Fiesta for a confidential acquisition to solve the family dispute and successor liabilities.

Parachuted into a toxic, dysfunctional shareholder dispute in the $28M business with 30% pre-tax and prepared for sale to keep opposing factions apart during a gaming, anti-counterfeit payment product company's receivership.


Streamlined production processes, eliminated localized outsourced manufacturing quality and delivery issues, led, and delivered compelling business development presentations to NCR and IBM on self-payment systems.

  • Doubled production in 6-months with a 1/5.0mm failure rate, unleashed shareholder delayed product introductions to catapult sales by 75% from $32M to $60M.

  • Created financial due diligence and sales presentations for strategic and private equity purchasers to trigger a bidding war based on improved sales results and product pipeline potential to boost sales value 75% to $100M USD prior to successful sale to Crane Co. NYSE: C.R.

Handpicked to revive the floundering plastic pipe manufacturer owned by a Greek parent locked in a dispute, suffering from a $90M sales implosion from $100M to $10M, owing $20M and placed into bankruptcy, losing TSX listing.

  • Performed SWOT, drafted and presented a rescue plan to various banks, convinced the bankruptcy trustee to support cross border CCAA, CH 17 filing, restored Canadian and U.S. plant operations, and reignited customer buying and prevented asset seizures.

  • Redrew multiple processes, increased accountability for actions, solved a hidden 30% scrap cost to drive profit and allowed parent to restore individual global operational cashflow to save the investment in North America.

  • Project published "A Tale of a Turnaround" in CA magazine, illustrating  the complexity of the restructuring and relating Plastech as a public company. Then called to restore Greek Parent company profitability in Europe.

Retained by major Toronto law firm to investigate $40M in payments owed by Irwin to Dragon Ball Z, with Irwin hiding impending insolvency.

  • Conducted M&A due diligence, determining investment viability, established Irwin to be insolvent with risk of Dragon Ball Z facing an auction to potential buyers at a $15M loss for Funimation.

  • Delivered an offer to purchase Irwin through CCAA, encompassing management team replacement, generating a rejection leading to creating a court supported valuation of Dragon Ball Z at $50M based on impending insolvency, obtained executory contract court order restoring to Funimation, when offer to purchase refused by Irwin 

  • Assisted Funimation secure new distributor contributing to a massive value uplift to $165M.

Assumed CRO role after the company defaulted by $100M bank debt and applied for cross-border CCAA bankruptcy protection with court refusing application on ground of inept management with company given 24 hours to find a CRO.

  • Resolved toxic shareholder disputes, controlled spiralling expenses, made ongoing payments.

  • Discovered and eliminated an internal $40M per annum fraud and excessive costs, demonstrated to court in contested hearing the viability and value at over $100M, initiated a bidding war between a major pension fund, union and strategic purchaser to achieve $125M sales with all creditors paid in full.


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